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[eh-ro-teem] noun


1. A question mark

2. A note of interrogation

Eroteme is defined by the pursuit of quality. By drawing on a varied and always growing skill set, Eroteme nurtures and creates only the highest quality outcomes. 

We are a multidisciplinary design and contracting firm. Our work is inspired and driven by clean lines, no-nonsense craftsmanship, and the material and energy choices our always changing world demands. Sharp pencils, sharp minds and callused hands are the tools we depend on. We work at a variety of scales and on a variety of project types. We problem-solve using skills and experience in the fields of art, design, architecture, fabrication, construction, urban and regional planning, and real estate development. 

Eroteme is inspired by the spirit of the skilled generalist; always learning, always adapting, always asking “What’s next?”.

Jon Fenton

architect, maker, builder

At a young age I can remember banging nails into a piece of scrap wood while my dad worked on this or that weekend project. In fifth grade I designed my first house and built a scale model out of cardboard. Somewhere in stacks of grade school memorabilia is a piece of paper with my wobbly name scrawled at the top of the page. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, the assignment prompted. My answer; “Architect”.  The path between then and now has been far from straight; spurs going off in this direction, then that, disappearing for a while in the trees, but always eventually coming back to center. What has defined that center for the last 15 years has been the pursuit of quality. Primarily, quality of life for all us humans; quality places to live, quality foods to eat, quality goods to use. I dove deep into an education in architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning at the University of Colorado, discovering the power of good design and thorough planning. During that education I worked odd jobs growing food, selling veggies at farmers markets, prototyping upcycled backpacks and roasting coffee. After college in Denver, CO I spent years splitting my time between vegetable rows and high-rise conference rooms, pursuing the integration of best practice organic food production into all manner of urban and suburban real estate development. I built greenhouses, designed rooftop farms, developed master plans, designed GUI’s for small farm efficiency software and led prototyping of a novel vertical crop production system. Then in Newburyport, MA I led the design and co-managed the construction of 30 Passive House certified apartments and a barn made from 12 shipping containers for a highly innovative community development project.  I had a lead role in developing the first ever heavy steel frame hempcrete wall system, which is being used to erect the largest hempcrete building in the United States. All the while, I’ve honed my skills as a woodworker, a potter, a welder, a baker, a maker of all things.  I have never been truly sure of the direction I’m headed in, but over time I’ve realized that this is in fact a great gift. It has created in me a set of interests, skills and pursuits that are both broad and deep. It has led me to become a die hard generalist, well suited to many crafts, trades, and possibilities. Of that I am proud.  Today, at Eroteme, I’m pursuing the creation of quality spaces and quality goods. I am an Architect, a Maker and a Builder working to inspire simple lives, well-lived.

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