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Architecture & Planning

Eroteme will take your next great idea and help develop its fullest potential. We'll create the plan that ensures your project is a success.


Design / Build

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Declutter and streamline your next project with Eroteme's end-to-end Design/Build service.

2016-05-17 John Fenton-4390.jpg

Everything Else

From custom tableware to dynamic modular systems, and everything in between. Let's create together.

Eroteme [eh-ro-teem] is a multidisciplinary design and contracting firm. Our work is inspired and driven by clean lines, no-nonsense craftsmanship, and the material and energy choices our always changing world demands. Sharp pencils, sharp minds and callused hands are the tools we depend on. At the end of the day, we are in the business of creating quality, lasting solutions.


Reach out today to find out what Eroteme can do for you.

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